Saint Rick Eliott


Rage: Profiting from Suffering
Noble: Christlike Behavior
Fear: Bodily Harm (Violence)
Obsession: Safety

Guru: Walter 45%
Mentor: August 60%
Responsibility: The Idealists 50%
Protege: Larissa 10%

Helplessness (5) / 40 Fitness, -——40 Dodge / 1 Failure
Isolation——- (1) / 60 Status, -——20 Pursuit / 0 Failures
Self————- (3) / 50 Knowledge, 30 Lie / -——1 Failures
Unnatural—- (5) / 35 Notice, -——45 Secrecy / 2 Failures
Violence——- (2) / 55 Connect, -—25 Struggle / 0 Failures

(56%) Safety Inspector (Obsession Identity)
Of course I Can: Evaluate structural stability, Get Safety Gear, Cite Codes
Substitutes For: Fitness
Substitutes For: Notice
Coerces Helplessness

(79%) Avatar of the Healer
Taboo: The Healer cannot leave an injured person untreated no matter what. For every
notch past five, they can designate one category of people as expendable for your taboo, but doing so is a Self (6) check.
1-50% Once per Hour heal sum of roll damage to an injury or broken object. Must make bodily contact with the damaged part. (May need to reach inside somebody to touch bones and the like). Does leave a scar. Once per instance of damage.
Also can roll to gain access to locations limited to medical professionals.
51-70% Can roll to get people to confide in them. Can roll to remove targets deepest failed notch or to end a targets fight flight freeze. Can only target a particular individual once per week. Can use any number of individuals.
71-90% “Roll to win the hearts and minds of 2d10+50 people”. Can reduce a riot roll by an amount equal to avatar rating. “Reporters come to them first for an assessment of the scene. Cops see them as an ally. People look to them for leadership through crisis.”
Casts Rituals
Casts Gutter Magic

(51%) Oblivious Hottie
Of course I can: Get into the Club, Be listened to, Approach people without seeming creepy
Substitutes For: Status
Substitutes For: Pursuit (Booty like POW)
Protects Isolation


Saint Rick Eliott

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